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Harbor-Wall helps create and deliver film and series projects by offering creative solutions to achieve creators’ visions on budget, on time… to surpass expectations.

From establishing relationships with talent, developing and packaging projects and planning and producing—to budgeting, maximizing tax credits, overseeing production and delivering the projects, we’re deeply experienced at it all.

What we can offer:

  • Massive experience in project development and production
  • Creative problem solving
  • No BS, no egos—just solutions
  • Honesty and straightforwardness
  • Fantastic communication and relationship building
  • Making it work for everyone

What we can’t offer:

Harbor-Wall is brand spanking new. While our three principals have a lot of experience between them, it’s for producing film and series for major studios and networks under other entities. So we can’t display the zillion things we’ve made as this company. But if you look at our principals’ bios, the credits are there.

We’re all about the story to be told

People tend to see budgets as impeding creativity. We see the budget as giving life to the project. And, we apply creativity not just to the story development but also to the production process itself.


Like they say, there are a million ways to skin a cat. With our experience, we can offer tons of options—not purely to cut costs but rather to do things better and make the money go farther to help better achieve the vision.


We’re always open to the dream, and the word “no” is not in our vocabulary. Instead, we say “what if.”