Giving Back
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We believe in sharing our good fortune

We feel very privileged to do what we do and love every day of it. Being surrounded by creative and talented people, the feeling of family that forms on every project, and all the fun and magic of storytelling.


Given our fantastic luck to be doing what we do, we try to do what we can to work with local communities to give to those less fortunate.

Some of the things we’ve done during or after production include:


  • Kids’ charity day BBQ centered around soccer
  • Donating office and kitchen supplies to a local orphanage
  • Having our makeup people give nasty scars to kids in Prague (Yeah, gross but they loved it!)
  • Bequeathing a set to a Namibian town for use as a community center
  • And more


It’s always top of mind when shooting and even more so when wrapping—in what way can we apply our surfeit of time-limited and/or no-longer-needed resources to make others’ lives better? Then we do it.